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Food desiccant is a high-activity absorbing material in the form of granules or spheres of various sizes.
Its chemical name is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. Silica gel desiccant offers an excellent capacity for physical dehumidification because of its good absorbability, chemical stability, wide surface area and high mechanical strength.
Blue silica gel will change color into pink variably according to the quantity of Moisture absorbs, and orange silica gel will change color into green .They are generally mixed together to indicate the Saturation degree of desiccant.
Silica gel desiccant is the most common type of moisture absorbent in the market and it is widely used for various kinds of industries.

Optional weight£º1-1000g
Size£º30 x 40 mm
Packing material£ºAiwa paper
Raw material£ºsilica-gel

Raw Material:
Fine silica gel bead ( white ,blue and orange)

1)Moisture absorption rate over 30%;
2)No physical forms changed after moisture absorbing, nontoxic, no harm, no pollution;
3)3.Good heat stability, strong mechanical strength;
4)4.Widely used in shoes, hats, leathers, handbags, food, medicine, metals, toys, bamboo and wood, instruments, electronics, etc.

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