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ASS1246 Antistatic Safety Shoes
ASS1250 Antistatic Safety Shoes
Nupon-103-ND Static Dissipative Safety Shoes
Nupon103-ND Static Dissipative Safety Shoes
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KT902 Digital Aquarium Thermo-Hygrometer
KT500 Digital Aquarium Thermo-Hygrometer
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TP3001 Digital Food Thermometer
KT300 Digital Food Thermometer
KT400 Digital Food Thermometer
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Corporate Policy

 NuPON Quality and Environmental Policy NuPON Technology Phils. Corp. is fully committed to provide its Customers with Quality and Reliable products or services that shall meet also the context of the organization, and at the same time, preventing environment pollution. In achieving this, we shall: °žBe committed to meeting requirements of customers, as well as those of legal, regulatory and statutory requirements pertaining to product and environment. °žContinually improve the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System and its processes. Adopt the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle concept, wherever applicable. NuPON Quality and Environmental Objectives To ensure consistency with the Policy of the organization shall: Achieve minimum 91%  overall Customer Satisfaction Achieve not more than 1% of quality customer complaints Achieve at least 5% increase of the Highest Sales Turnover recorded Achieve not more than 20 Issuance of Complaints to Supplier Achieve minimum 91% overall Supplier Evaluation Achieve 100% Compliance with all Legal & Regulatory Requirements Achieve/Maintain Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Achieve Zero Public/Regulatory Complaint on Environmental Pollution Achieve Zero other Related Interested Parties Complaint To make an annual project that will financially &/or systematically beneficial to the environment and organization. read more
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