80 Liters,Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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80 Liters,Industrial  Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Equipment
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The round stainless steel barrel body and the strong silent type motor which imported from the USA professional motor named “AMTEK” make this style cleaner beautiful, portable, sturdy and durable.GS3080 has the characters of large suction force, strong function, solid structure, metal frame and the barrel body can turn over and make it easy to dump rubbish and sewage. The standard efficient filtration contains the filters achieve the double filtering effect. For those equivalent diameters above 0.3μ m particle, the filter efficiency is higher than 99.99%. GS3080 is widely used in the factory floor and work table cleaning; it is the ideal model for cleaning metal dust, plastic fine dust and other fine dust etc…

Available in 15 liters, 30Liters ,60 liters & 80 liters

Application widely in various industry cleaning, such as: machinery processing factory, electronics factory, coating powder factory, grinding processing factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, paper mill, chemical plant, packaging machinery, clean room workshop, metal processing, ship production, agricultural equipment, flat grinding and other places of strong suction, large capacity, high quality demand.

Product Characters: 
1)The excellent pumping and suction function strong and powerful. The life of imported motor is three times
more than an ordinary commercial vacuum cleaner motor. 
2) The strong stainless steel barrel body and metal frame make it has a better impact resistance and durability in
industrial use. Ordinary vacuum cleaner normally use the plastic frame, and easy to crack in a long time use. 
3) Cabinet design, suitable for small space cleaning. 
4) The front PU wheel and rear rubber wheel sturdy and durable, and have good mute effect when push, it can
be suitable for any bad environment clean in heavy industry. The ordinary cleaner usually use the PVC wheels,
this kind of PVC wheels easy to damage when use in a bit longer time or use in a harsh place. 
5) The 220V single voltage, convenient use in factories, the 8 meters power line and 2.5 meters hose can work
long distance.  
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